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101 things about me

2004-07-26 - 8:32 a.m.

    1) I was born on 5/6/64. That makes me 40 at this moment.

    2) I really hate WORD.

    3) I grew up in a suburb of Dallas, TX. I loved it. I was pretty happy as a child, I guess. I had friends. I beat up boys. But I never had a boyfriend. Not really.

    4) When I was in the 4th grade, an older boy “touched” me. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t tell anyone. I just hopped back on my bike and peddled home.

    5) I got my first “real” job when I was 15. I was a waitress at Casa del Sol. It was a little family owned Mexican restaurant.

    6) That was where I started drinking and really experimenting with sex.

    7) One night, I brought a bartender home (he was 22 to my 15) and we fooled around in the camper that was in our driveway. I remember that he was huge. But I don’t remember his name.

    8) About a week after our first encounter, my dad caught us naked in the living room.

    9) We moved a month later to Grapevine, TX and I didn’t talk to my dad for 6 months. It was like I was invisible. It was the summer of 1980. The hottest summer on record in North Texas.

    10) That fall, I got to ride the bus to school. I had always walked to school until then.

    11) I used to be shy.

    12) It took me awhile to make friends at this new school.

    13) My senior year, my best friend got busted for selling pot to a freshman. She got kicked out of school. I, on the other hand, just had to go the last 6 months of my senior year with no best friend.

    14) The night I graduated, my neighbor from the old neighborhood told me she was gay. I didn’t really know what that meant.

    15) I moved out of the house when I was 19. My first roommate’s name was Amy. And she used to bring guys home almost every night of the week.

    16) Sometimes, she would bring a guy home for me too.

    17) We lived together for 4 years. 3 apartments. Once with one other girl for a year. She was a yeti. And I had to share a bathroom with her. It was gross. She was a butcher and always smelled like raw meat and maxi pads.

    18) During this time, I had short hair and wore little makeup and looked like Ellen Degeneras. You know, the lesbian.

    19) But I wasn’t one.

    20) When we lived with the yeti, I started dating HER boyfriend’s little brother. And he was NOT little. He had the biggest dick I have ever seen.

    21) We were together for 6 months. The whole time we were “together” he was living with another woman. Turned out to be his sugar mama. I had never heard of a sugar mama until then.

    22) His dick was so big, it would make me bleed.

    23) One rainy Saturday afternoon, Amy and I went to his apartment and got all my stuff. I told him to “fuck off”!

    24) I had another boyfriend about 3 month later. His name was Carl.

    25) I met him at a party that someone at work gave. We dated for 9 months. His mom hated me cause she knew I was fucking her son. I was 3 years older than him.

    26) We broke up because he was waiting for me at my apartment (by this time I was living alone) I had been out all night drinking with the girls. We had a white trash screaming match in the parking lot.

    27) After he finally left, I found 20 messages on my answering machine.

    28) I spent the next 7 years without a boyfriend.

    29) About this time, I started working here. At the same company I am at now. My 17th year anniversary is in less than a month.

    30) Quite a bit of the next few years are a blur. Lots of drinking and partying. Not much sex.

    31) But during these years, I perfected my blowjob technique.

    32) When I was 27, I moved in with my brother who had just been thru an ugly divorce.

    33) That lasted about 6 weeks. He decided to move to CT. And leave me in a house by myself. I found a new roommate pretty fast. A lesbian I worked with that had just moved back to town from Denver.

    34) She saved my life once.

    35) I am diabetic and have been in a coma because of it. My roommate (see above) took me to the hospital just in time. We had no idea I was so sick. A friend called later to see how I was doing and that’s when she was told I was in ICU and the doctors would only talk to family.

    36) I woke up 24 hours later with an IV in my neck. I will never forget the look of joy on my mom’s face.

    37) That was just over 11 years ago. I remember watching that David Karesh movie while I was in the hospital and thinking his hair was just like mine.

    38) I met my next boyfriend 9 months later. We stayed together for 7 years. About 5 years too long.

    39) He wasn’t very adventurous in bed. I was. I think that might have been our problem.

    40) I have been on my own ever since I left him.

    41) And it’s been wonderful!

    42) But because of that 7-year relationship, I lost myself. I got into some major debt (50k+)

    43) I am just now getting out from under it all. It has been difficult at times but I am a better person because of it.

    44) I drive a red 1993 Honda Civic. It has 233,000 mile on it. When I buy a new car (here very soon) it will also be a Honda Civic.

    45) I live by myself. I like that. I can’t imagine living with person again. I like being alone too much.

    46) I like porn. I own porn. I watch porn. I watched porn last night. Laura Angel is my favorite porn star.

    47) I have naked pictures of myself. I also have a video that WBF made of me blowing him.

    48) I have a cat named Spot. She is 14. I got her the day the Gulf War started. She was almost named “Scud”.

    49) After I left my last boyfriend, I took about 6 months and then actively became a slut. And I pretty much have been having fun doing it.

    50) I have slept with 20+ guys in the last 3 years. (And a couple of girls) Not that many, really. I don’t think. I have given even more blowjobs.

    51) Most of these guys I met on the Internet.

    52) Some, I just met to fuck. Others, I fucked but we were friends for a while too.

    53) I only talk to a couple any more.

    54) One of these guys introduced me to anal. And after almost 40 years, I discovered that I liked it!

    55) I “fell” for two of these guys. Club Boy and the other was Digger. (Yeah, I had to go look that one up!) They both did me wrong and broke my heart.

    56) The guy that SUPER broke my heart and stomped on it as tossed me to the curb was a stripper (the Butthole) and I should have known better. We were “friends” for 3 years before I told him he was dead to me and got out. Just barely.

    57) That was about 18 months ago. 6 months after that I totally cut all those people out of my life for good. With the exception of mickeygal and KB.

    58) I met mickeygal thru some other friends. We have been best friends for 2 years? Maybe more? I don’t know what I would do without her.

    59) I met KB about 4 years ago thru the Butthole. They went to school together. I don’t think the Butthole ever knew KB and I really know each other. Not in that way at least. KB keeps his mouth shut. But the Butthole’s little bro knows. Does that all make sense?

    60) I quit talking to my other best friend, Doho, (of 15 years) last July when she accused me of sleeping with one of her non-boyfriends. (She always had jealousy issues) I found out she was telling people I was doing drugs. That really pissed me off.

    61) I haven’t done drugs in almost 2 years.

    62) I only ever really lied to her once. We had only been friends for maybe a couple of years and I slept with a guy she liked. It was only one time. But he was totally HOT!

    63) Sometimes I miss her. A lot. That was the last time I REALLY cried.

    64) I got pregnant once. When I was 19. The father was a stripper. I had an abortion. And I never told him.

    65) I have 7 tattoos. The first, a blue heart with a bloody arrow thru it, I got when I was 18. The other 6, a dragon with a blood heart in it’s paws, a butterfly, a tribal thing, 2 Chinese symbols (beautiful and spirit) and some vampire teeth, I got within 18 months after I broke up with the 7 year guy. (He doesn’t have a name because it was before I had this diary and I don’t want to give that much credit)

    66) I have my belly button pierced.

    67) I am a TV addict. I love shows about teenagers. I can totally relate. “My So Called Life” is about me. No, really.

    68) I love Bon Jovi and have seen them in concert 8 times including once from the 2nd row!

    69) I used to be a fan club coordinator for the Michael Easton Fan club. I have met him 3 times. He is HOT. And I own one of his shirts.

    70) I used to have a pen pal when I was a teenager. We met thru a Shaun Cassidy pen pal club. She even came to visit me once when we were both 18. She got married and moved away. I have no idea where she is now. That makes me sad.

    71) I have had sex with people I work with. More than once over the years. The Work BoyFriend being the latest.

    72) I used to sell lots of stuff on ebay. Now I mostly buy stuff.

    73) I used to collect Barbie dolls. Not so much anymore. I still have some but I have sold most of them or given them away.

    74) My mom and Dad are still married. My dad is retired and my mom still works. I see them a couple of times a month.

    75) My brother is married to a woman he met in CT. They have a baby boy.

    76) I hate most children.

    77) I hate seafood.

    78) I hate when people blow me off.

    79) I am dependable.

    80) I am not easily offended and say what I mean. If you need an honest answer, ask me.

    81) I worked two jobs for 2 ½ years to help pay bills. It sucked. I cherish my time more now.

    82) I think poop is funny. So are farts. Practical jokes are not funny. Unless they involve poop.

    83) Talking animals will make me laugh out loud. (I know they don’t REALLY talk but “Dr Doolittle 2” is the bomb!)

    84) I have been both heavier and thinner than I am now. I am a size 14 now. My senior year, I was a size 7. I thought I was fat. Go figure.

    85) I will never grow up.

    86) My favorite movie is “The Terminator”. I have seen it over 50 times but never saw it in the theater.

    87) I hate funerals. Because I always totally breakdown. I don’t like anyone to see me that messed up. Ever. When my grandmother died, I cried for days.

    88) I love ice cream cones. Jamoca Almond Fudge from Baskin Robbins. The BEST!

    89) I love Mocha Fraps from Starbucks. But I had never had one until about a year ago.

    90) Right now, I have long blonde(ish) hair. I have been dying my hair since the 4th grade. I think my real color is an ugly, dark brown

    91) I have seen most of the hair bands of the 90’s in concert. I used to go to at least one live show a week if not 3.

    92) I am really trying to think of some intensely personal stuff to put in here but can’t.

    93) I went thru a brief 3 month period when I cut myself. I only have one scar from it on my forearm.

    94) I think two guys making out is really hot (this one I stole from onewetleg)

    95) I am an accountant. Not a CPA. I do not have a degree but I have been in this field for 20 years. (man, that makes me feel old!)

    96) I think KB is one of the most beautiful people I know. He doesn’t think so. It only makes me like him more.

    97) I am NOT a morning person.

    98) I don’t consider myself a “girly girl” although I love makeup and shoes.

    99) I usually don’t use capital letters because I am more casual than all that. And I don’t care if it bothers people.

    100) I sometimes feel that my parents love my brother more because he is married and has kids.

    101) I really can’t believe I thought if this many things. I rock!


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