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no more drama

2006-09-30 - 8:46 p.m.

    Well, it seems as though whoever was reading my old entries got tired at about 400 pages and couldnt' get throught the other 800. Excellent.

    I think I put a stop to the pending drama in my life. You know, with the Butthole.

    Here's the 2nd email he sent me:

    hey Patty,
    how's your life? I just want to start of with i am sorry for being an idiot. you have to see i was in over my head with drugs. not touched any in 3 1/2 years. hope we can let the past go and catch up. i wanna hear from you.

    I sent him an answer back:

    I am thinking about it. You have to know that I wasn't especially happy to hear from you. Just your name brings lots of old emotions back to the surface. I can't even imagine why you would even want to hear from me. My life is good now. I can only hope you are in a better place now.

    I sent that on Thursday. Have I heard a peep? Nope. Do I actually think I will? Nope.

    Part of me hoped that he really has grown up (he's almost 28!) and would really try and make amends. Reality? Not so much. I am thinking he thought I would fall down at his feet and what? Send cash? Again, nope.

    Anyway, Mo and i talked about it some more tonight. We have both been having a feeling of dread this past couple of weeks and it seems to have come and gone. A couple of people from the past have found least on My Space...and we are both OK.

    In more lighthearted news, I went and say "The Guardian" today. Excellent! I will have to purchase this movie! Although it is a little long, you don't notice unless you have to pee.

    I looked around trying to find a picture so you could see how totally HOT Ash looks in this movie. Nothing I liked. He looks wonderful and TALL! Love it! But I did find this:

    Sweet dreams!


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