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Wednesday Morning ShitStorm

2006-12-20 - 4:32 p.m.

    First? How do I have 102 page views yesterday? WTF?

    Second, I am majorly depressed from the shitstorm my life was this morning.

    In a totally blind commentary:

    If you know me, and you might just, you know I have a mad crush on a wildly popular TV personality. His show is filming in the town where I live. I have not seen, let alone met him. YET.

    Anyway, last Saturday, the show had a Christmas party at a bar two blocks away from me and a "friend" got invited and didn't bother to tell me until AFTER the party. AND posted a picture of said friends spouse with my future ex-boyfriend on said friends My Space page. For a whole two days. This picture was there for anyone to find. So I posted it somewhere along with the story of my lack of invitation. Which caused a little bit of...whatever, people felt bad for me. I got some great friends. Anyway, abother site picked up the picture and the story and all in good fun there was some hate with love in the comments. It was all pretty funny (in my opionion) and the blogger was really good about deleting and editing the crappy and mean comments that other internet retards tend to post when they are jealous of someone. Anyway, my "friend' discovered the blog post this morning and went totally ape shit. I am not talking mad, I am talking threatening legal action. Not that that could happen but you know. Ape shit.

    The friendly blogger deleted the picture and the shitty retard comments but the "friend" also wants the blog post deleted. There is no name mentioned and nothing to link "friend" to events. Whatever. I am with the blogger. She words should stay. Buy a sense if humor.

    Who knew my future ex-boyfriend could cause drama in my life without me even fucking him? Jeez!

    Damn you google alerts!

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